This will conclude our 4 part-series, The Devil in You. We began with “Sugar is the Devil”. Then we moved on to” Sitting is the Devil”. Week 3 was “Is Your Thinking from the Devil”. And finally we will discuss the devil in you, in other words, are you your own worst enemy?
I’m really not trying to get overly religious on you. I’m trying to get you to think differently. If we define God as love and we define the devil as the opposite of God, then we are trying to examine habits or behaviors that are not loving to yourself. In our 8 Weeks to Wellness Workshop, held bi-weekly on Thursday nights at 6:30, a point I discuss is developing a healthier relationship with yourself. I often say the person that you should love the most in this world is YOU. Because when you get right down to it you can’t give what you don’t possess. And in order to love those in our life, we have to love ourselves.
Recently I finished a book by Shawn Achor entitled, The Happiness Advantage. He defines happiness as the ‘joy we feel after striving after our potential.’ For some of us our potential is being the best mother ever, for others it’s the best business owner or gardener, but it’s the striving part that we at West Functional Chiropractic are determined to help you with. You see it’s very hard to strive when you are sick, when you hurt, when you are carrying an extra 50lbs or when your medical expenses are placing a burden on you or your family. So in order for you to reach your potential, health should be a priority.
It’s the difference between selfLESS versus selfish behavior. The more unhealthy we are, whether we want to admit it or not, the more selfish we are. When we have a migraine, we are thinking about ourself. When our pants continue to get tighter, we are thinking about ourselves. When the heartburn from our previous night’s meal is keeping us up at night, we are thinking about ourselves.
The phrase, ‘with friends like this who needs enemies’ could often apply to how we treat ourselves. I frequently state that most Americans take better care of their cars than they do their health. Recently, I asked a man in a workshop what kind of car he drove and how much he paid for it. He answered that he drove a Lexus and paid $55,000 for his car two years ago. I just bet that he takes excellent care of that car. He changes the oil, gets it in for regular maintenance, washes it, etc. In other words, he cares for it because he values it. Ask yourself the same question of your own body. Do you value it? You know you only get one per lifetime. Do you fuel it properly, with good food and high quality supplements? Do you maintain it with good regular chiropractic care and exercise? Do you bath it in excellent thinking?
So just some more good things to think on.

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