Functional Wellness: A New Way of Treating Patients

Functional wellness is a method of treating patients by focusing on the underlying cause of a disease. Unlike traditional disease-centered approaches to healthcare, functional wellness focuses on the whole person and how diseases relate to the physiologic systems that cause the disease. Patients looking for a more natural and long-term solution for their conditions can turn to functional wellness.

Rather than treating symptoms, functional wellness practitioners treat their patients by taking into account genetics, lifestyle factors, environment and other variables that affect a person’s health and body function.

Principals of Functional Wellness

Combinations of chronic conditions and genetic background can cause diseases, leading to overall deterioration of health. By treating the underlying causes of diseases, patients can improve their overall wellness and enjoy better quality of life. The following conditions have been identified as the cause of disease and poor health:

  • DiabetesFunctional Wellness at West Functional Chiropractic in Gainesville, TX
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Stress
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Digestive problems
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Arthritis
  • Obesity
  • Auto immune disease

Methods of Treatment

Functional wellness starts with a consultation between West Functional Chiropractic Wellness and patient. West Functional Chiropractic must know a great deal about their patients in order to effectively treat patient conditions. Data like lifestyle factors, family history, hobbies and daily physical activity are all taken into consideration when devising a treatment plan for a patient. West Functional Chiropractic will help patients by asking them about symptoms, level of pain, location of pain, addictions, disabilities, diet, work environment, stressors and other factors.

After an initial examination, the West Functional Chiropractic may take samples of body fluids, gather genetic information and take X-Rays and MRI’s. This helps the practitioner make an accurate and detailed diagnosis.

The functional method promotes healing by harnessing the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Professionals who practice functional wellness rely on a combination of services to help patients recover from diseases and manage chronic conditions. To treat patients, practitioners may recommend healthy exercises, lifestyle adjustments, stress management, supplements and more.

Goals of Functional Wellness

During your visit, West Functional Chiropractic will strive to understand your unique biochemical makeup. Awareness of your genetics, environmental factors, personality and diet can all help your West treat your diseases and help your body recover from injuries and chronic conditions.

West Functional Chiropractic will search for a dynamic balance between the internal physiology of the body and the external factors that can influence your health. Functional wellness practitioners believe that good health is not merely the absence of disease, but a balance between the patient’s internal and external experience. Healthy living helps patients enjoy better overall quality of life.

Preservation of the body starts with true understanding of patient’s unique needs. By treating the body as well as spirit, eating right, exercising and taking into account the patient’s overall health history, your Dr. Jami West can help you get the care you need to stay healthy.

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