Let’s talk about love, specifically how the topic relates to our health and well-being. Two of the nine components/traits of love, humility and unselfishness, have overlapping qualities. We’ll start with them.
I often say when doing our 8 Weeks to Wellness Orientation/Wellness Orientation Workshop that to be healthy is to be selfless. Selfless means not that we think less of ourselves, but rather that we think of ourselves less often.

Let’s face it, when we don’t feel well we are selfish. We can’t help it. If we have a headache, we are thinking about that headache. If our knees hurt, we are thinking about the pain. If we have heartburn, it’s a constant reminder of not feeling well. And on down the line we go, fatigue, sluggishness, back pain, shoulder pain…

So getting healthy and making your health a priority is one of the most selfless things you can do. As you continue to make better choices in what you eat, how you move and exercise, and how you think, your body and mind will respond. As we feel better, we have more energy. And as we have more energy we are able to give that energy out to other people, things, work, etc. versus having the energy self-focused.
This of course doesn’t mean we won’t get sick at times. You will need to see your MD. You will have ‘sick care’ at times. But remember the more often you take care of your ‘well care’, the less often you’ll have to focus on any ‘sick care.’ You need a sick care doctor and a well care doctor. The more often you go to the one, the less often you go to the other. And remember the greatest doctor that ever lives resides inside of you. You innately know how to take care of yourself and when you do that you love yourself more!

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