Dr. Karen Mitchell, Chiropractor in Gainesville, Whitesboro, Sanger and  Surrounding Areas


Dr. Karen Mitchell recently moved to Aubrey, Texas from Noblesville, IN after living there for over 15 years. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Mitchell was introduced to the chiropractic lifestyle when she experienced a gymnastics injury. After the injury, she developed scoliosis and extreme migraines for several years which kept her from participating in the sports that she loved.


 However, with routine chiropractic care, she was able to manage her scoliosis and eliminate her migraines which allowed her to return to her active lifestyle. Through this wonderful transformation, Dr. Mitchell found passion and inspiration for her career as a Chiropractor. She hopes to help restore the health of her patients just as chiropractic care helped restore hers.


In her spare time, Dr. Mitchell enjoys spending time with her husband, two children Ethan and Kiersten, and six Siamese cats! She also has two step daughters Amelia and Selene who live in Indiana. She enjoys yoga, swimming, nature walks, weight lifting, and beach body exercises. Listening to music (she can play the clarinet & the flute!), hanging out with family and friends, and traveling are also a few of her favorite ways to unwind. She continuously strives to live a healthy lifestyle by staying active, eating healthy, and getting regular chiropractic care.


Dr. Mitchell graduated from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) with degrees in Spanish and Pre-Chiropractic Studies. She received her doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA in 2017. Dr. Mitchell is fluent in both English and Spanish and looks forward to serving the people of Dallas including the Hispanic community